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Queendom Recalibrations consists of remixes of compositions from The Return to Queendom. Andrée is releasing a new recalibration every month exclusively on bandcamp, with the entire album due to be released on all platforms in the spring. 

Current offerings include Queen, Gold, Rise, Where Love Reigns Supreme, and The Definition of Insanity from producers Mono/Poly (feat. Jimetta Rose), MAST, Andre de Santanna, Malik Abdul-Rahmaan (feat. ill Camille), Brandon Coleman, and Jonah Levine with more to come. Artist Tokio Aoyama reimagined the album cover. 

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The Return to Queendom is stratospherically soulful, profoundly poetic, sensual, raw, and jazz inspired. The album is an expression of heartbreakthrough, a proclamation of reclaiming one’s power to create your own inner Queendom/Kingdom.


The project is autobiographical and meant to empower the listener.

The Return to Queendom was released on International Women's Day. Click here to order the album

"My prayer is that it penetrates your heart and inspires you to live your most passionate, creative, and authentic life - where love reigns supreme." -Andrée Belle

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